Do you believe in magic? Not the over-the top cliché kind of magic with naked assistants and cheap props. No, I mean, do you believe in real magic? That one time you were looking for something and it just appeared in the place you had already looked ten times. That other time you had a problem and couldn’t fix it no matter what, but one day it just vanished on its own. Oh, and that time you were frightened. You felt queasy and couldn’t move forward out of that dark spot you had suddenly found yourself in. But somehow, in the midst of all the stress, this brief moment of peace, a faint voice somewhere told you everything is going to be alright. That my friend, is real magic.

When I was a kid I used to wish for magic to exist. The kind where you swing around a wand and shout cool sounding Latin words. Sparks fly and amazing things would happen. I sometimes went into our garden and looked for suitable sticks to carve a wand, got a cloak left in a wardrobe from Halloween and dreamt about being a witch. I guess we all did stuff like this as a kid. Some more than others. Maybe a few still do. I’m 21 now and I frequently catch myself drifting off and wishing with all my might that the world as we know  is just a nightmare about a boring existence little witch me is dreaming up right now. But so far I haven’t had the luck to wake up in a whimsical school next to some kooky pet and a neat broomstick. Sadly, little normal me is just that. Normal. But is that so bad?

When looking up the term “normal” it is said to describe “conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected”. So, normal is not necessary a bad thing, in this case for instance it is just describing the fact that I have all the qualities and flaws of an ordinary human being. If somebody called me normal in comparison to another typical human being, now that’s where I get grudgy. I’m not much of a fan of labels. Judging by behavior or looks, who and what a person is, has always been a very weird and stupid concept to me. The person you were yesterday is not the person you are today. For example: Yesterday you went to school or work and felt kind of down because you didn’t sleep well. So you turned on your music to something sad, dressed a bit “dark” and acted moody most of the day. People would call you “Emo” or maybe even “Goth”. Insert eye rolling here. Well, for a change, today you woke up refreshed and are a happy bundle of joy, so you dress accordingly, colorful and a bit daring maybe. Your music is a playful, upbeat tune and your social skills have improved drastically in comparison to the day before, so you might even annoy a few people with your crazy optimistic spirit. Now, people might see this as a totally freakish change, because how dare you alter your characteristics someone has made the effort to sum up in one word. Well, no hard feelings, we’ll just find you another drawer. Let’s see. You are a hyperactive weirdo now. Yeah…that has a nice ring to it. So, remember! If you’re feeling bad you are an Emo-kid, if you’re having a good day you’re on drugs. What makes this whole name giving thing a bit dangerous, is that kids these days need some sort of group to fit into, to feel safe. So most of them willingly try to fit in with a certain kind of stereotype and make themselves comfortable in this before mentioned drawer. “Now, what is so dangerous about that?” you might think. Well, let me explain. A person who just does what is expected of the image and likes in their field of characteristics is automatically restricted in his or her personal development. They miss out on things they might love because “it’s not punk” or “gangster” or “pink” or “blue”, “x” or “y” or, or, or.

So many names, so little minds.

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