Anticipating Love Part 2

The first time I saw you I instantly fell in love.

I got so nervous whenever I would see you sitting at the front desk, only passing by quickly, while muttering an embarrassed “Hello”. I felt like a stupid little kid, making up excuses to see if you’re there and strike up some random conversation. The more I got to know about you, the more intrigued I was to talk to you. My heart never beat so fast as it did the times I saw you. After our conversations I had to lean on the cold elevator walls, because your smile turned my legs into shaky pudding. That Friday night we spent together seemed like a dream and my head was filled with cotton. I was really happy I got to spend time with you outside of work, but at the same time I was disappointed. At that point I thought “Why does the universe create this perfect person and put them right in front of me behind a glass wall?”. I thought I would never see you again. Never get to know all the different expressions on your face. Never get to know your taste in food, clothes, music, books, art. Never get to know how you look like with a new hair cut. I never imagined I’d get to know how it sounds like when your voice, so filled with love, calls out my name. How it feels like being touched by your bare skin and feeling the warmth emitting from your body. The smell that I can fully enjoy and breathe in as I hug you as tightly as I can. The intimate moments that give me shivers just thinking about them. Your moans that let me know I’m making you feel good so I want to continue. Your shortness of breath, unfocused eyes, yet still so clearly reflecting my silhouette. That gap your mouth forms, your tousled hair that is so soft to touch.

I never knew an aching heart could feel so comforting.

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