Anticipating Love

I’m no princess. I’m no perfect ideal. I’m weird. Twisted. Damaged.

But who isn’t?

I’ll have fun finding out about all the lovely things that make you you. Like how you crinkle your nose when we talk about awesome stuff. Or how you close your mouth once and make this tiny, almost unnoticeable pause when you talk about something you’re excited about. How your eyes get bigger and all puppy dog like when you’re purely happy. Gnawing your finger when you think of something dirty. Barely sticking out the tip of your tongue when you want me.

But I’ll be just as happy knowing that you trust me enough to let me greet your demons. To let me see all the sides of you that you think are ugly or unlovable. I want to kiss away every scar, I want to embrace your heart when it’s in pain. I want to be the person you can cry in front of, yell, go crazy, be lost, be afraid, be dark, be twisted, damaged. And I want to be the person who sits next to you on the floor when you can’t stand anymore. I want to be the person who, not drags you up, but supports you when you decide to stand up again.

I want to be the person you, not only feel comfortable around with when you’re happy,…but comfortable with to be yourself in every aspect, in every mood, every color, phase and situation.

And I want this to never end.

One thought on “Anticipating Love

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