Grade School

When I started school, my parents were proud of me because the principal told them it was about time I finally entered 1st grade. I still remember the day we had that conversation with her. She was talking to my mom about all kinds of stuff, the school and teachers, so I got bored. I started reading what was on the sheet of paper in front of her. They stopped talking, because I was reading out loud and the principal followed my line of sight, to the tiny letters on her paper, searching for the words I was reading upside down. After that her and my mom were pretty excited I guess, I don’t remember much more. I liked the first year of school, although I had to wear an eye patch because I’m short sighted and my right eye is worse than the left one. This guy in my class – he was one of my best friends – later told me that in the beginning he thought I only had one eye. Needles to say he was the smartest kid in class and also skipped a grade in his secondary school. It’s sad that we all lost contact so fast after we graduated from grade school. I had a really great time, although I wasn’t the most eager and studious kid. In fact I was – and still am – pretty lazy. I never did homework and I only studied with my mom. But most of the time I had good grades in English and German. The rest of the subjects, well, I wasn’t really interested in them. I always wondered why I’d have to learn about plate tectonics or what a volcano consists of. I mean, it’s cool to know, but…what for? I don’t want to be a Geologist or study Geography. The one thing I always, always wanted to do was to write a book…and poems, but I realised that nobody reads poems anymore, except if their author has been dead for at least 50 years. But I still write them, because it’s not about having many people read them, but rather expressing in words what cannot be put into words. Giving shape to these shapeless and confusing feelings that tangle me up and stop me from moving forward. So I put them in order and think hard, and at the end I have it all on a crumpled piece of paper, making sense. Helping me to find the important parts.

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