Who’s going to watch out for me?

When I’m looking to have a good time
I’ll need to be smart and not get too drunk.

When I’m down on the floor
I need to gather the strength to pick myself back up.

When someone has wronged me
I have to be the voice that protests the loudest.

When I feel like I’m taking the wrong path
I am the one that has to redirect myself.

It is my skin that is scratched.
It is my hands that mould my world.
It is my voice that expresses my opinion.
It is my eyes that see my truth.
It is my mind that knows my thoughts.

So why should I let anyone else be these things?
Be my voice, be my hands, be my eyes.
I would be blind, and deaf, and out of touch with myself.

Let myself be my guide
So that I always know where I am.

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