To Julia

You were the first person I showed this blog to.  With you I have fun, make plans and actually keep them. We talk about stupid guys, we gossip, we make future plans and we talk about ourselves. I talk about myself and I feel ok doing so. And with you I feel like for the first time someone is actually interested in what I am saying.

I wanted to take the time to express how thankful I am that we met. This year has been full of new things and filled with tears, there was a break up and horrible memories. But then I stood up on my own two feet for the first time and got myself a place to live, a home, work and friends.

I’ve never had a best friend and since I was 10 I’ve not had friendships that lasted very long or ran very deep. So, to me, every new friendship I make is something special and precious.

With all this in mind, adding the probability of us two meeting in a foreign country I can’t help but feel like you are some kind of karmic reward. And you can’t imagine how happy I am that you will be here for another 6 months.

You are cheerful, funny, witty and smart. You always know what to say and you’re not afraid to be yourself and share whatever is on your mind. I always think: if life were a movie would this person be a main character or ‘person no. 26’?  You are definitely a main character with her own theme song.

Love you lots

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